miercuri, 6 iunie 2012

Singuratate, sau prostie?

So. A new day, a new sunrise... Or better said a new moonrise. It's the middle of the night and I spend tending my wounds. 2nd degree burns on 15-20% of my body. Asta-i unul din putinele momente in care mi-as dori o sticla de votka buna. Oh.. well, I still have my trusted ciggarette pack around. My best friend in warm or cold nights. Music, darkness, coke and ciggs... What can you ask for more?

Si uite asa, stateam si ma gandeam what the fuck is wrong with me? Or my life, or that matter? I mean, I have anything I need, or wanted, for that reason. I have more than I had yesterday. And I filled my life with meaningfull people, with people that count for me... I can't complain of a low material situation either. Not the best, not the worst either... But, I strive for more, and I sometimes wonder why?