vineri, 13 iulie 2012

Goodbye, at least for now...


Mmm. Some fucked up shit happend in the past couple of days. I fucked up really, really bad and I pissed of and/or hurt some people I care about.

Funny about, it was pretty much about what I wrote here. So, I pretty much decided to stop writing for a while. Or, at least stop writing on the blog. Maybe I'll start again, or maybe again not. But for the moment beeing I think I should just stop here before I fuck even more things up.

Hoping for the best, I think. Hope I'll be able to come back some tie from now on saying that everything is a-ok... But, I highly doubt it, as far as it looks right now.

joi, 12 iulie 2012

The fallen sky...

Hey! Third day, third post, third segment of pure awesome fantasy. :P I think. Let's go for gritty, yet semi-heroic with a pinch of devastation and war? What do you think?

The city seemed peacefull. It was nothing close to that, but from the ruins of the skyrise building they covered themselfs into it seemed so. The moon was breaking trought the iron clad clouds and they we're making camp there. H. was up on the iron beams of the destroyed building, searching, looking and providing cover with his .50 Barret. B. and Marie. we're cooking up some rations. The silence was almost painfull and they we're paying more attention to the sounds the wind made than what they we're doing, so no wonder half their cooking was chared to an undefined black shade. At least the food tasted the same, so they didn't bother to be horrified by the military rations they stole a couple of days ago.

miercuri, 11 iulie 2012

Rising angel...

Buna seara, din nou. M-am gandit sa scriu si astazi, chiar daca e destul de soon fata de ultima oara, dar am avut parte de o experienta cam aiurea azi cand veneam de la munca. Eram in taxi si in fata noastra, pe undeva dincolo de Podul Grant era un pui mic de proumbel pe mijlocul strazii. Zic pui pentru ca era micut si nu putea sa zboare. A oprit taximetristul si a incercat sa-l prinda, dar amaratul (Care tin sa mentionez era negru cu pete albe, sau alb cu pete negre, foarte frumos, oricum) a fugit sub masina unei tute proaste… Roz. Care l-a si calcat. Toate astea intamplandu-se sub geamul meu la arpoximativ jumatate de metru… I-am auzit oscioarele cum au pocnit si cum i-a pleznit pielea scotand totul afara. Si dupa ce idioata a trecut cum inca ii mai tremura un piciorus. Imagini care cred ca o sa-mi fie in minte mult timp de aici incolo. Nici nu mai zic de golul in stomac si raul pe care-l inca am, aproape opt ore mai tarziu. Asa ca, incurajat de Cati la ultimul comentariu, si cu imaginea asta proaspata in minte, am zis cat de departe pot duce idea de tragic in proza...? So, here it goes, another figment of my sick imagination…

marți, 10 iulie 2012

Archangels bring vengeance

Mmm. Buna seara. Bine, cat de buna poate fi, depinde de perspectiva din care privesti. Astazi m-am gandit ca e timpul sa mai scriu cateva cuvinte din propria-mi fictiune bolnava. Ultima a prins bine, asa ca, hai sa mai bag o fisa. Ma ajuta si starea de spirit in care sunt, ce-i drept, sa mearga cuvintele mai bine decat in mod normal. Dar despre asta alta data, cand o sa fie frig afara. :P

It was late during the evening. The birds and sparrows went to bed already, and the moon was ready to rise. The streets we're calm and peacefull and the air was tense, as if knowing what was going to ensue. It was like the Grim himself was walking the street, scaring all dogs and cats into their hiding. Between they gray and blurry buildings of the city only engines roared, and roared of blood they did. Three bikes roared down the street in a V shape. Licence plates removed and armors placed, the bikers schreeched the walkway. Suddenly, they see a group of people standing in front of a building drinking. They pull over and decide to wait. Helmets still on, only moved a bit to let a ciggarette cut the nerves of steel.

vineri, 6 iulie 2012

In curand vor cere sange.

Hello. Ce si cum mai se face si se intampla pe mirobolantele strazi si stradute ale "blogosferei"? Intotdeauna am urat termenul ala. Pare atat de fad si de fals, plus ca sa nu mai zic ca tot hipsterasii si hipstereii o ard domle' pe blogosfera. Alta specie umana pe care n-o inteleg.

In fine. Trebuie mentionat ca acest post este primul scris integral pe Sovereign, my new laptop. Battleship class, propietate personala. Nu intru in detalii. Just that I kinda paid it's weight in blood for it. :)

Asa. Si eu astazi aveam de gand sa vorbesc despre cinism, si asta doar ca sa-mi aduc aminte de un alt post scris undeva anul trecut despre initiativa. Well, it took me an year, dar dupa ce-am vorbit cu cateva persoane, mi-am dat seama de un lucru. Cinismu' ne f*** meciul grav. Dar atat de grav incat devenim absolut amortiti la tot. Let's take few examples.