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The fallen sky...

Hey! Third day, third post, third segment of pure awesome fantasy. :P I think. Let's go for gritty, yet semi-heroic with a pinch of devastation and war? What do you think?

The city seemed peacefull. It was nothing close to that, but from the ruins of the skyrise building they covered themselfs into it seemed so. The moon was breaking trought the iron clad clouds and they we're making camp there. H. was up on the iron beams of the destroyed building, searching, looking and providing cover with his .50 Barret. B. and Marie. we're cooking up some rations. The silence was almost painfull and they we're paying more attention to the sounds the wind made than what they we're doing, so no wonder half their cooking was chared to an undefined black shade. At least the food tasted the same, so they didn't bother to be horrified by the military rations they stole a couple of days ago.

It was years since the town was ravaged by war. Once a town of peace and love, of sunlight and joy... It was raped four years ago, and since then only the darkness of the nightmares only kept the sky. Some would fight, but the resistance was small, yet powerfull. It could still go either way and the political interests we're to high so that the killers would retreat. They wanted it. The heart of the city. They wanted to cut it out and put it in a bottle, then place it in storage. The heart of a mothering womb. The womb of a civilization of hope was now torn in conflict, fear and doubt. The leader, Anne, was sent to the seaside. The resistance could fight knowing she ain't around, but safe, yet they couldn't move a muscle if she would've died.

The mechs would run around the city with their searchlight trying to kill every last shred of humanity that lived in there. But, their main objective was Anne. The night was cold and H. climbed down from his vantage point to get a bite to eat. He reached for the small fire and took a piece of meat of it. He bit into it and clinched his teeth. It was horrible, but they got used to it.

- You guys sure we did the right thing? She's all alone... wispered H.
- I see no other choise. She's safer in the distance. Far away from the war... came the answer from the older B. His scars we're deep and he saw much more conflict than the other two younger fighters.
- I agree. She must be safe. We need to take our time and plan ahead, we can't just charge in hoping for the best. underlined Marie. The girl was also young, but scared for her life, as well for her leader's life.
- I don't feel right about this. We should be with her, or at least one of us should. B. You should go seek her out... Someone might have sent a Reaper after her...
- You worry to much kid. She's ok. As far from us, the better. B cut him off.
- I still don't like this. srugged H.

The everlasting night ensued. Cold and damp, the only thing that kept frostbite and death away was hope. H. was checking the area trough the binnoculars and eventually came down again to the other two.

- B. You should see this. There are no Skitters, nor Mechs around. The hole bloody town is deserted. This is wrong, so very wrong, I tell you.
- None of them? Hmm... This is new. We must see what's happening... he said contemplating the countless posibilities.
- No! Are you fucking insane? Let's just sit here and wait for a sign, or something. Cried Marie.
- I think he's right, I'll take a bike. You sit here and wait for my signal. ordered B. and stormed off grabing his rifle in the meanwhile.

He went and mounted one of the three enduro bikes they had. He usually rode cruisers, but due to the destruction, the unusable roads, they could only ride enduros. He touched his rifle and the cross on his neck. He kissed the cross and said a prayer to the gun. It's was an old M16 rifle. More scarred than his own face and the paint was long gone of it. Yet, it still shot straight, and even if sometimes it would choke, the gun always seemd to fire when he needed it most, so he never had the heart to trow it away, even if the others told him a lot of times to do so. He was wearing some dark gray jacket and flack pants and some old boots with metal insertions. His pack was light, usually letting most things behind after using them. His mind was strong and he knew the risks attachments involved. In this war, there's no room for sentiments...

He left slowly and in about an hour he returned to the other two.
- City is fairly empty... It's wierd. There are some units scattered around, but nothing even close to what we faced a couple of days ago... Said B. We could mount up an assault.
- Mmm... No, I think it's something wrong with Anne. Really, we should go check on her. pleaded H.
- I still think digging ourselfs in is the best way to pass trough this war. said Marie without even caring.
- You might be right H... This is way to sudden. They clearing out one day after Anne went to the safe zone? No... This can't be a coincidence. We need to go, and we need to go now. yelled B. and started packing up.

The three heroes headed to the exit of the town, the part they knew safe and sent Anne on her way. They hid some better gear on the road out and they were headed that way. When they reached the garrage they found it pretty much the same they left it. The better bikes we're still there.

Marie mounted the chopper. A single seat fast engine that provided confort and solitude. She was able to ride it for hours at a time and she was happy with it. She was Anne's personal bodyguard back in the day and she saw the flings of war just the same as her. But she was harder and more afraid of the perils of the road. She always chose to sit in defence and she never agreed to any charges. She would take things slow and she liked to plan everything. To the way her sword sat on her back. Her weapon of choise was an Ingram Mac-10. Not very accurate, but she aimed for death, not precision. She rather killed everyone, and asked questions later, than risk the Matriarch be hurt. Yet she wasn't afraid of pick it up in melee and her katana displayed that. She was deadly up close and personal and she always wore a dark green combi. Her dirty hair didn't seem much blonde anymore and her black eyes spewed both hate and desire when needed. She was the first to leave saing she'll go scout ahead. The guys didn't made her feel confortable, only since they did things way differently.

H. on the other hand. He rode a speeder. Always rushing into the destination and never looking back. He never gave anything much tought and only directed himself after they way things fealt. Hist instincts were great, most of the time he was dead on. If he felt the urge to run, then a nuke would fall down. But when he wanted to stay, they usually won. Him and B. were making a great team. Always compensating and keeping some kind of a balance between the two of them. Old friends, since childhood, H. was always more defended and kept of harms way than B. That explained the lack of scars and his general Gung Ho attitude. The bike expressed that and his weapon of choise was the heavy hitting .50 cal. Never missed and he could take out a man from about a mile away. In medium range the cannon could oblitterate half a person blowing limbs off or even half the torso. But for CQC he preffered a small poket knife. He always went for the throat and he would rip out someomes neck off if needed. He always wore black. And he hid most of his arsenal and ammo under a black, long trench.

Him and B. met up with Anne and Marie just a few days ago. Maybe just a week. But they knew what should be done. They always faired decently on their own, but they couldn't just walk by the two women, like most do. Even if Anne was the leader of the resistence, she was frail and sweet. She was the Matriarch and everyone respected her when it came to matters of the soul, but this is war, so most chose to stay away, at a safe distance. Specially when she was a living target. None undestood that if she fell, the hole city would fell along her side. She usually wore a pink shirt that went great with her dark blonde hair and dark eyes. Her smile could warm a heart and a well placed word from her could sent a fighter in a beserking rage against the machines that haunted them. Still, they decided to put some distance between her and the rest of the pack. Sent her to the seaside, where the death and dispair didn't reach yet. Little did our heroes knew that it was the biggest mistake of their life.

All three left for the highway, with Marie leading the way and H. closing the tail. Headlights off not to arise suspicion and be detected. While riding for about half an hour or so, what they saw, froze their hearts... They stopped on the side of the road.
- Now what? asked Marie scared.
- We need to go there, we need to get to Anne before they do! yelled H.
- Are you insane kiddo? This is the main force! There's hundreds of them, we won't make it. shrugged B.
- But we have to do something! What other options are there? Let her get caught? asked H.
- No... But, we won't make it, that's certain. Let me think. said B while he sat down.

The highway was filled with tanks and mechs and skitters we're running around the side of it. There was no question about it. They knew where Anna went and we're going after her. What ever force remained in the city was only a decoy for the freedom fighters. Without H's instincts, they might have lost the war, not just a battle...

- Ok, this is how we'll proceed. Me and Marie will make a diversion. See those fuel tanks on the eastern side of the highway? Well, Marie will go around them and make the mechs follow her, and I'll ride behind her and blow them up. That should get their attention. While we do that, you throttle it up and go to the docks. You're our only chance H. said B with a sighs.
- Sounds like a plan. What is your idea for extraction? asked H.
- There's no extraction. I dont know how much Marie can keep them busy untill she gets blown off sky high. And I'm sure I can't survive on this enduro in the woods long enough to make an excape. But, as you said it, if we don't do this, Anne is lost, and we can't have that, now can we? said B while patting H on the back. All eyes are on you kiddo. It's time you save the day.

Marie mounted up without saying anything. She didn't like it. Not at all, but she knew it was the only way and choise that Anna had to survive, so she went along. She fired up her bike and went away. Not even looking back. She didn't care about the guys, only Anna mattered. She went off the smooth highway and jumped on the dirt. The bike didn't like that, and it let her knew trough a couple of hard shocks in her lower back. She closed down to the convoy and pulled out her Mac and started yelling and screeming and started spewing bullets like there was no tomorrow. The fast rate of the nine mils ripped trough the air and the bullets left redish marks on the sky. She pulled out a couple of High Explosive grenades, pulled the pins with her teeth and trew them on the ground. They exploded in a big ball of fire and soon enough all searchlights from the mechs we're on her and after her. Watching from the side of the road B just sighsed: "It's my time now..." and mounted up. Lights off and going in rather slow, compared to Marie's death race he made his way to the trucks that we're moving slowly twards the seaside. The drivers weren't in a hurry to catch up to the light show in front. Little they know they were the real target. B came around the following truck and placed a bar of dinamyte on the gas giant. Then he speed up to the front one of the convoy and placed another on it. After that it was a matter of placing the remining C4 and TNT on the middle ones to make sure it's going to be a fireworks show to be remembered. Shortly after placing a couple more he turned right and headed to the woods, not before starting his headlights.

The mechs took notice of him aswell, but decided not to follow. Meanwhile, H mounted up and waited for a sign. Meanwhile B pulled out a remote control and pressed the button. The explosions shorly followed. They tuned the night into day for a moment. Four out of nine trucks blew up violently and the rest crashed into eachother not knowing what happend. The gas spilled and light up almost in an instant. Marie heard the noise and turned, only to see some mechs turning back and starting to follow B. She turned right aswell twards the woods, fully knowing that once she reached the woods the bike would be useless and started emptying clip after clip. A mech started shooting to her and hit the front wheel of the bike wich buckled and trew her off in front. B was already under heavy fire when he entered the forest. Almost all the mechs we're behind them and the skitters we're trying to quench the fires with what ever sand and water they found.

H thought to himself that this is the moment of truth and he reved up the engine. Boots heavy on the shifter, squeezed the cluch and pressed the lever. A short clanking sound made him aware and when he released the bike rose on the back wheel with a demonic sound. He pressed the clutch again and put it in second gear. The front wheel hit the ground under it's weight and started to eat the asphalt underneath. Third and forth gears shortly followed and his eyes saw only the road in front. He ran trought the massive invading army and he went unnoticed. Fifth gear. He was going at almost 150 miles per hour. Sixth gear and he was thinking he'll shortly reach faster than light speeds. Time dilated and he didn't realised when he got there. A hard brake on both wheels brought him to a short stop. He dismounded without even bothering of placing the bike on the jack. He just let her fall down there. There was no time for politness and every moment could be the last.

Soon enough, he saw her on the sea side. The sea was wispering to her and the moon was falling on her hair, playing in it, just like she only let her do it. H smelled her parfume and realised he was close... But in the corner of his eye he caught a shadow. He jumped down in prone and looked around... While his eyes got used to the erie darkness and his hands were grasping at the sand he saw him... The Reaper. He was running away from Anna. "Damn, they got to her!" yelled in his mind with rage while grabing his weapon. In a few strokes the cannon was ready to fire on it's bipod and the covers from he scope were off. He saw him in the crosshairs, running away with something in his hands, laughing. A deep breath, and then another. He made the last adjustments to the scope. five hundred yards. No wind. Still wind. Depth angle five degrees. Adjusting for distance and movement. He took one last deep breath and hold it in. He squezed the trigger. He must not miss and he must be certain of his aim, or else. He still didn't knew what the Reaper was carring. H squeezed more. A loud bang and a punch came back in his shoulder. It knocked his air out and the bullet flew away. His aim was true and sure enough a moment later the Reaper was beheaded. H got up and started running to him. He left the gun, he didn't care anymore.

When he got to the Reaper, he saw the puddle of mixed blood. The black one and the red one. The almost fainted, since he knew. He picked up the transplant box, knowing what was in it. The pure heart of the Matriarch. He started running again calling on the radio for back up. He didn't care of the orders to keep a total radio silence. He was asking for Medvacs and he wanted it there five minutes ago. He was desperate and almost crying. His own heart clinched knowing that this might be the day in wich the war can be lost and the city would be engulfed in endless darkness with no hope of ever seeing the sunrise she promised. He got to her on the rock the Reaper left her on. She was bleeding heavy and her chest was cut open. H placed the box on the ground and took Anne in her arms. He smiled at her and saw she was barley holding on. The pacemaker the Reaper placed instead was almost dead.. It was their way. They made you live without your heart for a while longer, they wanted you to feel the panic, the despair of a slow and painfull death.

- I told you little one, I told you... said H.
- What? Anna asked in pain of drawing another breath.
- That I won't abandon you. I promised I'll be here for you, no matter what. I'll never let go, so you shouldn't either. Meds are on their way and you'll be all right...
- It's my fault.. she sighed again.
- Don't you say that again! It's no one's fault, and all that matters is that you're here with me, and you'll be fine. Trust me. smiled H.
- But, I barley know you...
- And I'm the only one you know to care as much. H answered with a smile while the fat little chopper descended along their side.
- Where's B and Marie? she asked again.
- My brother and your protector are most likley dead... I'll go after them after I'm sure you'll be safe. answered H and kissed her forehead.

The doctors put the box and Anne in the chopper and one of them turned to H.
- There's no room mate. I'm sorry.
- Don't worry. I'll see her again. I'm sure of it. You just take good care of her and get her on her legs again. We need her soul to win over this nightmare. said H with a short smile.
He went to recover his gun and his bike to go back in search for his brother and his firend. He was happy, though. He knew Anna was safe and that there's still hope. He lost so much that day, yet, he won an important battle of the war...

For, the important part is to look out for colours, to kill your fears and go ahead with life. Make a plan in your Brain. And listen to your Heart. She might rush in, but she might be right. You just need your Brain to work along side with it so you make a plan, and not to rush in blindly. But never listen to your fears, because they will only keep you in your defence. And so, you might lose the one thing you care for. And if you do... you'll live in a desolated gray city of nightmares...

Si asta a fost un alt fel de poveste. :) A treia? Va las pe melodia de la Woodkid - Run Boy Run. Pare intr-un fel potrivita. :)

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