vineri, 13 iulie 2012

Goodbye, at least for now...


Mmm. Some fucked up shit happend in the past couple of days. I fucked up really, really bad and I pissed of and/or hurt some people I care about.

Funny about, it was pretty much about what I wrote here. So, I pretty much decided to stop writing for a while. Or, at least stop writing on the blog. Maybe I'll start again, or maybe again not. But for the moment beeing I think I should just stop here before I fuck even more things up.

Hoping for the best, I think. Hope I'll be able to come back some tie from now on saying that everything is a-ok... But, I highly doubt it, as far as it looks right now.

Anyway... Nothing much left to say. Just wanted to say I won't write any more any time soon. Or untill I start talking/seeing the person who really inspired me to write, gave me the thrill and the will...

Take care people. Live long and prosper and what not. Live in colors, so you don't die in the gray. :)

Poets of the fall - Late Goodbye Max Payne 2 OST. Feels appropiate.11

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